Cosplay Goals 2017

2017 ThermoCosplay Costume Journey

2017 started off with a BANG for this little cosplayer. Sam made her first cosplay in TWO days (Jan 5th and 6th) - JUST in time for Taiyou Con which was a BLAST! We had THREE photo shoots, a panel AND we were able to participate in a RWBY cosplay gathering. Below you will find the video tutorial chronicling the two day build process for my Volume 4 Nora Valkyrie Cosplay...

SO what's next? LOTS! We have 9 more conventions slated for the year, THREE cosplay commissions (one being an ENTIRE family), one guest appearance, one speaker appearance...ok, it's just A LOT! Below I've included a break down of what Sam, Lina and Lawrence have planned for the upcoming months...

Cosplay WIPs

We plan on sharing MORE cosplay works in progress shots, videos and walkthroughs. Most of these will be shared on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram however; SOME will be on Instructables as well (primarily the complicated builds).


What is a convention without cosplayers? ThermoCosplay plans on attending a plethora of conventions, all of which can be found on our HOME page.

Complex Costumes

Is that THANE KRIOS?! Yes, yes it is. Why is he the main image for this section? Because I AM GOING TO MAKE A FEMALE VERSION OF HIM! That's right, Sam is sculpting, casting and painting a custom prosthetic. I'm also making articulating wings...for Oruha. Mwahaha!

As you can see we have A LOT planned and that is just the tip of the ice berg. So, as we work on our 2017 plans here are a couple photos from some events we have ALREADY attended this year...