Westercon 70

Panels and Generation Gaps


Saturday I attended as a panelist assisting Allen Amis Creations with his panel on using found objects in cosplay. The convention lost my badge and panelist pamphlet but they were very accommodating and ensured that I made it to my panel on time. The attendees were interactive during the panel and seemed excited to discuss matters pertaining to the fabrication of costumes.


Sunday I attended as a panelist again. this time with Allen Amis Creations and the talented Backer's of KnowOne's Designs. We discussed mold making, casting and techniques (both complicated and simple) to get the right look for a more elaborate costume piece, gem, appliance, etc.

Once again the convention could not locate my badge and I was given a sticky note to let me through the convention.

Overall Impression

The accidental attitude in the photo capture above by Anabel Amis sort of sums up my opinion of this event. I was excited to present and the attendees were incredibly kind but there just seemed to be so much that this event was lacking. It certainly caters to the generation before my own which creates a sort of rift in the con when trying to make new connections. Overall...I would present here again but attending for the sake of attending...nope.