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Phoenix Comicon Prep

Getting ready for #PHXCC


Cosplay Materials - Alternatives to Worbla

NORTH 224AB  12PM-1PM  05/25/2017


Cosplay 101

NORTH 224AB  6PM-7PM  05/25/2017


Become a Cosplay Master

NORTH 224AB  6PM-7PM  05/26/2017


Video Game Cosplay

NORTH 228AB  3PM-4PM  05/27/2017


Anime Cosplay - Mastering Adaptation

NORTH 222AB  12PM-1PM  05/28/2017


RWBY Cosplay

NORTH 228AB  3PM-4PM  05/28/2017


Sam's Costumes

  • Thursday - Nisha (Borderlands TPS)
  • Friday - Delegate Twi'Lek Amara
  • Saturday - Cassandra (Soul Calibur)
  • Sunday - Nora Valkyrie (RWBY)

Lina's Costumes

  • Thursday - Not Attending
  • Friday - Sadao Mao (Devil is a PT)
  • Saturday - Morgiana (Magi)
  • Sunday - Penny (RWBY)

Cosplay "Safe" Spaces

  • Cosplay Repair Room (North 227BC)
  • Diversity Lounge (West 212 AB)
  • Hall of Heroes (North Third Floor)
  • Phoenix PD (Roaming)

What To Do at #PHXCC

  1. Check out the Programming Guide (printed or mobile app).
  2. Get a feel for where everything is located (explore).
  3. Visit the Hotels and Local Restaurants (discover).
  4. Setup a personal schedule of "MUST SEES".
  5. Check out the Guest List and visit the autograph area.
  6. Visit the Exhibitor Hall (visit 2-3 times because it's huge).
  7. Visit the Artist Alley (located on the third floor).
  8. Visit the "Hall of Heroes" (where all the costume groups are).
  9. Watch the Zombie Walk, Saber Walk or any other walk.
  10. Cosplay (buy a costume at the con or use clothes you have).
  11. Attend a panel (there are SCORES of these).
  12. Visit the Gaming Atrium in the Hyatt.
  13. Check out some of the street vendors.
  14. Chill out in one of the Hotel's lobbies and/or pools.
  15. Get your photo taken (professional or friend).
  16. Document your journey on social media (be a goof).
  17. Purchase merchandise from an artist or vendor.
  18. Enjoy a refreshing beverage (aka stay hydrated).
  19. Check out the Masquerade (Saturday night).


Emerald City Comicon 2017

ThermoCosplay at Emerald City Comicon


Thursday was preview day at the convention and our day to see the Seven Deadly Sins panel so we dressed casually and enjoyed the little things Seattle had to offer :)


Friday was Seven Deadly Sins day. We met Lauren Landa and Bryce Papenbrook (voices of Merlin and Meliodas) who were so excited to see us they asked for pictures! We also met a GREAT Meliodas cosplayer!


Saturday was RWBY School day! We ran into a couple RWBY groups, captured some photos, had a great time wandering the Artist Alley and met up with some friends from AZ for good eats :)


Sunday was individual day. Stevie was dressed as Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, Lina was dressed as BlackCat from Spiderman and me? I was dressed as a Warrior Sailor Mercury designed by the ever talendet NoFlutter! It was a fast day as we had two panels, lunch and shopping to do within a very short time period. Overall ECC was fun, although it did not live up to its hype in my opinion. I DO look forward to future conventions with these girls and BOY do we have things in store for this year :)