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Emerald City Comicon 2017

ThermoCosplay at Emerald City Comicon


Thursday was preview day at the convention and our day to see the Seven Deadly Sins panel so we dressed casually and enjoyed the little things Seattle had to offer :)


Friday was Seven Deadly Sins day. We met Lauren Landa and Bryce Papenbrook (voices of Merlin and Meliodas) who were so excited to see us they asked for pictures! We also met a GREAT Meliodas cosplayer!


Saturday was RWBY School day! We ran into a couple RWBY groups, captured some photos, had a great time wandering the Artist Alley and met up with some friends from AZ for good eats :)


Sunday was individual day. Stevie was dressed as Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, Lina was dressed as BlackCat from Spiderman and me? I was dressed as a Warrior Sailor Mercury designed by the ever talendet NoFlutter! It was a fast day as we had two panels, lunch and shopping to do within a very short time period. Overall ECC was fun, although it did not live up to its hype in my opinion. I DO look forward to future conventions with these girls and BOY do we have things in store for this year :)


Cosplay Goals 2017

2017 ThermoCosplay Costume Journey

2017 started off with a BANG for this little cosplayer. Sam made her first cosplay in TWO days (Jan 5th and 6th) - JUST in time for Taiyou Con which was a BLAST! We had THREE photo shoots, a panel AND we were able to participate in a RWBY cosplay gathering. Below you will find the video tutorial chronicling the two day build process for my Volume 4 Nora Valkyrie Cosplay...

SO what's next? LOTS! We have 9 more conventions slated for the year, THREE cosplay commissions (one being an ENTIRE family), one guest appearance, one speaker appearance...ok, it's just A LOT! Below I've included a break down of what Sam, Lina and Lawrence have planned for the upcoming months...

Cosplay WIPs

We plan on sharing MORE cosplay works in progress shots, videos and walkthroughs. Most of these will be shared on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram however; SOME will be on Instructables as well (primarily the complicated builds).


What is a convention without cosplayers? ThermoCosplay plans on attending a plethora of conventions, all of which can be found on our HOME page.

Complex Costumes

Is that THANE KRIOS?! Yes, yes it is. Why is he the main image for this section? Because I AM GOING TO MAKE A FEMALE VERSION OF HIM! That's right, Sam is sculpting, casting and painting a custom prosthetic. I'm also making articulating wings...for Oruha. Mwahaha!

As you can see we have A LOT planned and that is just the tip of the ice berg. So, as we work on our 2017 plans here are a couple photos from some events we have ALREADY attended this year...

Casa Grande Comicon

Casa Grande Comicon


There were nearly 700 people at the comicon which was in the smaller Vista Grande Library in Casa Grande, Az!


We saw some INCREDIBLE cosplays at this convention which was REALLY great. The winners of the costume contest were Hawk Girl and Iron Man!


Other than some minor issues with overheating (I do believe the Library's AC was having a fit) this was a terrific small con and I recommend it to anyone with children or a love for comics!

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Phoenix Comicon 2016

This convention was a wonderful success! We hosted FOUR panels, attended FOUR days, competed in the MASQUERADE contest, had the chance to see a BUNCH of friends and Sam was even featured in THIS video. We cannot WAIT until next year. For now, here are a few pictures from our time at con...



We had panels and cosplay! It was a great time! Our armor panels drew over 260 people per panel!!!!


Saturday was Masquerade day! While we did not place in the competition we had a blast exploring the convention, visiting friends, taking photos and performing our skit!


Sunday we hosted our last panel regarding bought vs made costumes and had a great debate with the attendees. We also had a chance to say hi to one of our favorite authors: John Paul Ried!