ThermoPatron: How It Works

ThermoPatron is easy! You select a Support Level (listed below), enter your information into PayPal and that's it! Once you have finished the steps Paypal puts you through you'll have a subscription of your choice paid monthly!

 NOTE: ALL rewards are sent via Facebook Private Group. If you do not have a Facebook account your rewards can be sent via email (please check that your email on PayPal is up to date).

 If you lose your reward please email: so we can resend your reward. 

Support Levels

Admirer - $1

Every dollar counts! You will receive...

5 day early access to con videos

5 day early access to tutorial videos

1 Signed Digital Image Monthly

Supporter - $3

Thank you patron! You'll receive...

All Tier Admirer Benefits

1 Monthly Cosplay Gallery

 Free Entry to Give Aways 

Super Fan - $5

You're one of a kind! You'll receive...

All Tier Admirer & Supporter Benefits

Access to Private Cosplay Vlog

Access to Costume Voting Poll

Current Supporters

Anthony T.

Maggie M.

The Connellys

The Kincarts

Can't Afford to Support? NO WORRIES! 

We get that life can be expensive. For those who want to show support we have a monthly Newsletter we send out. Here is how you can subscribe to that...