Build Walk Throughs

Tamatoa Build

Full Build Tutorial

Gourry Speed Build

Full Build Tutorial

Fuu Hououji Build

Full Build Tutorial

Yojimbo Full Build

Full Build Tutorial(s)

Yojimbo Part 3

Breast Plate Build

Yojimbo Part 2

Sword Process Build

Yojimbo Part 1

Pauldron Process Build

Leafeon Gijinka

Leafeon Cosplay Build

Rule 63 Kratos

Kratos Cosplay Build

Thane Krios

Thane Krios Build

Cassandra SC3

Cassandra Build

Nora Valkyrie

Nora Build Video

God King Z

God King Build


Anastasia Build

Yuri DPF

Dirty Pair Flash Build

X-Men Surge

Surge Costume Build

Fuu Hououji 

MKR Art Book Build

Tutorials, Tips & Tricks!

Toothless WIP

Quick Build Preview


Using Cosbond

Foam Scales

Using Foam Scales from the Cosplay Pros!

Foam Clay

Using Foam Clay from The Cosplay Pros!


Let's talk about boobs!

Pokemon Ears

Let's talk about ears!

Worbla's KobraCast 

Let's talk about KobraCast!

Group Cosplays

Let's talk about groups!

Instamorph Plastic

Let's talk about Plastic!

Cosplay Contacts

Let's talk about contacts!

Cosplay Tights

Getting stretchy with it!

Sculpting 101

It's time to sculpt!

Silhouette Cut Out

Sewing trick: silhouettes!

Raven Accessories

Molding & Casting Tips!

Makeup Tutorial

Getting your Nagai on!

Painting Clothing

Making it washable!

Worbla 101

Basics of thermoplastics.